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Not Sleeping Can Make You Gain Weight, More from a Local Dentist

As a dentist, we are concerned with all areas of our patients’ health and well-being. We know how important it is for our patients to live a healthy life. The health of teeth and gums is just one part of […] Continue Reading

A Dentist Discusses the New Trend in Hydrogen Water

As a dentist, we find that there are any number of new fads and trends in healthy living that come to our attention. One of these is the use of hydrogen water. Celebrities like Blake Lively, actively promote drinking hydrogen […] Continue Reading

Preventative Dentistry Tips for At Home Care

Preventative dentistry involves taking care of your teeth and gums at home. While we can help with this during regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, the teeth will suffer without a daily care routine. Here are some suggestions for ways […] Continue Reading

Tips from Our Dental Office on Reducing Caffeine Intake

In our dental office, we consider ourselves to be a part of our patients’ health. This involves taking care of any oral health issues and also involves educating our patients and providing information on what they can do to prevent health […] Continue Reading

Tips from a Dentist on Boosting Energy

As a dentist, we discuss oral health and overall health with our patients. One complaint that we regularly hear is that our patients are battling fatigue. With the increase in demands of modern living, it is common for people to […] Continue Reading

A General Dentist on Nitric Oxide and Overall Nutrition

Among the many benefits of being a general dentist is the ability to focus on the holistic elements of the human body, including being able to tell patients about things that will help improve their overall physical performance. It is […] Continue Reading

News from Your Dentist: Diet Soda Increases Your Risk of Stroke and Dementia

As a dentist, we are interested in the overall health of our patients. Fox News recently reported that drinking one diet soda a day can increase a persons’ risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or having a stroke, This is alarming […] Continue Reading

Taking the Stairs May Boost Energy More Than Drinking a Soda By Madeline Kennedy April 28, 2017

(Reuters Health) – For young women running on little sleep, 10 minutes of stair walking increased energy more than the amount of caffeine in a soda or half a cup of coffee, according to a small study. This energy boost […] Continue Reading

A Sleep Apnea Dentist in Longview Can Fit You for an Oral Appliance

When you need a sleep apnea dentist in Longview to fit you for an oral appliance, we can help. Our oral appliances fit comfortably and securely in your mouth to provide you with an uninterrupted, much needed night of sleep.Learn […] Continue Reading

Pregnancy Impacts the Teeth, Making It Important to Stay Healthy: Tips from a Family Dentist

Pregnancy is one of those conditions that actually works to make teeth weaker, and many patients come in to see their family dentist during or after a pregnancy with significant problems. The good news is that being pregnant does not […] Continue Reading