A Dentist Discusses the New Trend in Hydrogen Water

Posted on: August 15, 2017

DentistAs a dentist, we find that there are any number of new fads and trends in healthy living that come to our attention. One of these is the use of hydrogen water. Celebrities like Blake Lively, actively promote drinking hydrogen water. There are any number of claims being thrown around about this new product, including that it acts as an antioxidant, helps to boost energy, ensures that people recover more quickly from workouts, lowers inflammation and slows down the aging process.

Laboratory based claims

All of these claims have been based on studies conducted in laboratories, which means that more studies are necessary to determine if drinking hydrogen water can actually provide somebody with a healthy boost. As such, it is important to take all of these kinds of claims with a pinch of salt.

It is important to examine whether or not hydrogen water has the effect that the studies proclaim it does. As a dentist, and a medical professional, it is always recommended that patients treat the marketing of such highly-hyped products with due care before spending vast amounts of money to get a hydrogen boost.

What exactly is hydrogen water?

Anytime there is a large marketing push of a product, it is important to compare how a product like hydrogen water is different from regular water. Regular water, H2O, has an extraordinarily low concentration of hydrogen in proportion to the amount of hydrogen in the earth’s atmosphere. Hydrogen water is simply water to which they add a molecule of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is an odorless, tasteless gas. In other words, hydrogen water is simply old fashioned H2O with an additional diatomic hydrogen atom. The benefits of adding a molecule of hydrogen remain largely ambiguous, outside of the studies being promoted by the marketing agencies. Essentially, those promoting hydrogen water as a better way of consuming water, are also promoting the drinking of more water.

This, in and of itself, is an extremely good idea. As a group, humans tend not to drink enough water and this can lead to any number of conditions and problems within the body. Water is a critical element for an overall healthy human body, so those drinking hydrogen water are in fact improving their lifestyle, simply by consuming water. All dentists recommend that their patients drink more water during the course of the day.

What about increased hydrogen?

It is fascinating to note that the promoters of hydrogen water recommend that a person consumes the hydrogen water rapidly, once they have open the water packet. The non-permeable container, once open and exposed to the air, will start to find a level with hydrogen in the water with the same concentration as regular water. In other words, it is important to drink the hydrogen water quickly before it turns into normal water. For people looking to get more nutritional value, including nutrients like hydrogen, the best bet is to get them from foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are more effective, and cost a great deal less.

The best way to increase minerals in the body is to simply eat foods that are rich in these minerals which also provide additional benefits. As a dentist, it is critical for our patients to understand that we embrace all new technologies and advancements, while still making sure that the fundamentals are followed. It is fundamental to good oral health, and overall health, to get great nutrition by having a substantial and balanced diet.

To discuss this in further detail or learn more about oral health, visit our dental office.

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