Dr. Shelton Was Nominated for the Texas Super Dentist Award for 2016!

Posted on: September 15, 2016

Dr Shelton

Congratulations to Dr. Shelton who has been nominated for the Texas Super Dentist Award for 2016!

How Super Dentists are Chosen

  • You have to be nominated by other area dentists.
  • Each nominee is evaluated by practice area.
  • Independent research is completed for each nominee in addition to an examination.

Why You Should Visit a Super Dentist

The Texas Super Dentist nominees and alumni are the best and most talented dentists in the state of Texas. When dentists are submitting a name for nomination, they are doing so with the question of “which dentist would you choose?” in mind. That means that as medical professionals, many Texas dentists would trust Dr. Shelton to care for their teeth over other local dentists.

Additionally, the list includes dentists who have earned great accolades, credentials or professional achievements.

Super Dentist Nominees Are Vetted

As part of the process, each potential nominee is carefully vetted with ten separate factors analyzed.  These include –

  1. How long they have practiced.
  2. What their professional activities are.
  3. Their fellowships.
  4. What leadership positions they have taken.
  5. Any academic achievements.
  6. Honors that have been received.
  7. Lectures they give or articles published.
  8. Board certifications.
  9. Peer reviews.
  10. Other achievements.

Finally, once the top-tier candidates have been identified, they are reviewed by expert panelists.

Only the most talented and well-respected dentists are nominated for this prestigious award and only the best are included in the Super Dentist list. Dr. Shelton is pleased to be included in this group of talented professionals.

Benefits to You, As a Patient

When you visit Dr. Shelton, you will benefit from being treated by a dentist that is experienced, talented, and detail-oriented.  Not only can he provide you with ongoing preventative care and treat minor issues like tooth decay, but he can also address any complex restorative needs that you may have.

Dr. Shelton can assist you if you have damaged a tooth by cracking or chipping it.  Using minimally-invasive methods whenever possible, he will restore the tooth quickly so that you can continue using it and do so in a way that causes minimal disruption to the remaining natural tooth or teeth around it. Simultaneously, any restoration he provides will look incredibly natural.

He can also help if you have lost a tooth and need to replace it.  We encourage you to begin that process as quickly as possible in order to prevent resorption, in which the body begins to leach calcium away from the jawbone for use elsewhere. Since this can negatively impact the size and health of your jaw, time is of the essence for visiting the dentist.

The same is true for any oral health challenge you face. If you treat something like decay quickly, it will likely prevent the need to ever have a root canal on that tooth.  However, if you leave it unattended, the infection can spread and create long-term problems.

As a seasoned dentist, Dr. Shelton can analyze these situations and more to determine the best way to correct or replace a tooth.  Given the good reviews we hear from patients and the peer recommendations making Dr. Shelton a Super Dentist, you can be confident that he will provide you with the best dental care around.

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