Implant Dentures Can Give You a New Smile

Posted on: May 31, 2016


If you have lost teeth, we encourage you to visit our Longview, TX dental office to discuss how implant dentures can give you a new smile. If you have been living with ill-fitting dentures or are tired of smiling and seeing holes where your natural teeth used to be, you should not delay in replacing them. Doing so will not only be beneficial to your appearance but also to your oral health. After tooth loss, your jawbone will begin suffering from resorption as the calcium is leached from your bone for use in other areas of the body. This can make your remaining teeth unstable and also negatively impact your appearance. In order to combat resorption, it is critical that you replace your teeth as soon as possible — dentures, implant-supported dentures, and the All-on-Four procedure are all excellent ways to do so. To discuss these options in greater detail, call 1-903-757-6243 and schedule an appointment with our dental office.

What to Expect During Your Initial Examination

Doctor Robert B. Shelton, DDS MAGD is an expert when it comes to replacing missing teeth. With years of both educational and clinical experience, he understands the nuances of replacing teeth with all of the solutions we offer. As such, he will examine you and review x-rays with an eye on identifying the solution that will have the ultimate long-term success. During your consultation, feel free to ask any questions you have, and Dr. Shelton will answer them in great detail. Keep in mind that any solution presented will be designed to not only improve your appearance but also your oral health.

Implant Dentures for Your Smile

Many of our 75605 patients ask how implant-supported dentures or the All-on-Four procedure is different from traditional dentures. It really comes down to security and stability. When you replace your missing teeth with partial or complete dentures, you are wearing a removable prosthetic. As such, you put your dentures in during the morning and you take them out to be cleaned and soaked every night. The mere fact that they are removable means that they will not be as secure as your natural teeth would be. When doing something that requires significant force, you may find that your dentures feel loose or they simply are not giving you the level of traction you require. This can create a situation where you are forced to change your dietary habits or become fearful of going out to eat with your friends. By providing you or any of our patients with implant-supported dentures, we solve this problem.

The All-on-Four procedure is the best combination of the convenience provided by dentures and the security and stability offered by dental implants. In this procedure, we can replace a full set of missing teeth with only four dental implants. Traditionally, dental implants must be placed in every location where a tooth is missing. This can be incredibly time-consuming, tedious, and costly. If you have suffered from complete tooth loss, the idea of having to undergo multiple procedures may be unappealing. This is why the All-on-Four solution is so much more convenient. We create a new set of teeth in the dental lab as we would for creating dentures. The difference is that this set of teeth is held in place by four dental implants secured to your jawbone. As a result, your teeth do not need to come out at night, they will remain secure regardless of what you are eating or what activities you are engaged in, and they will give you the ultimate confidence to live life without thinking about your teeth.

Implant-supported dentures also look incredibly natural. Our Longview patients appreciate that after the All-on-Four procedure, their smile looks as though they have all their natural teeth, rather than as if they were wearing a set of dentures. We understand the value of giving our patients their smile back, and this procedure allows us to do so.

Learn more about the All-on-Four procedure and find out how easy it will be to replace your existing set of dentures by calling 1-903-757-6243 and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Shelton.

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