Local Dentist, Dr. Shelton, Treats Diabetic Patients

Posted on: July 3, 2014

DentistIf you are a diabetic, it is important to visit the dentist several times a year. Diabetics are at a greater risk for oral health issues and complications. Even a simple dental procedure can become more complicated if a recent spike in blood sugar has occurred. Dr. Shelton understands these issues and is able to provide comprehensive dental care for all of his patients, even those suffering from diabetes.

The most important thing a diabetic can do to improve their health is to keep their blood sugar under control. A dietitian can help by prescribing a strict diet to follow that can prevent food-induced changes in blood sugar. Additionally, a physician may prescribe medication or insulin to be taken at specific times of day. These activities combined can keep a diabetic’s blood sugar under control. Blood sugar levels matter because when there is a spike or a diabetic episode it prevents the white blood cells in the body from fighting infection as they should. This means that everything from bacteria in the mouth to a common cold can turn into a major infection.

As a local dentist, Dr. Shelton recommends that his diabetic patients have their teeth cleaned a minimum of twice a year and preferably more. Since a diabetic has a more difficult time fighting off bacteria, these regular teeth cleanings are essential for removing it. Normally, the body will fight bacteria that prevent common infections and health issues. When the white blood cells are unable to do so, cavities are more common, and dental infections can spread. Removing the bacteria is the best way to address this issue and prevent oral health problems.

Diabetics also struggle with their gums. Restricted blood flow can make the gums swell and bleed. It can also lead to gum disease since in order for gums to stay healthy blood needs to flow to and away from them. By removing bacteria from on and around the gum line, we are able to reduce these symptoms and prevent gum disease. If gum disease develops, early detection and treatment is essential for ensuring the situation does not get worst.

Another common symptom of diabetes is dry mouth. While a lesser complication, dry mouth can contribute to bad breath. It also prevents the body from producing the level of saliva that it naturally would. Saliva is the body’s way of washing away bacteria and food particles from the teeth. Without it, cavities are more common due to the reduced remineralization that occurs when the mouth is dry.

By drinking extra water, a diabetic can stay more hydrated and reduce their overall risk of dry mouth. Coordinating care is important when treating a diabetic patient and Dr. Shelton will work with the patient and their general physician to do so. Dr. Shelton needs to be aware of any recent diabetic episodes or if a patient has had difficulty keeping their blood sugar under control. This will impact when he schedules dental procedures to ensure that a diabetic patient can recover as quickly as possible without any complications. Call today to schedule your appointment and experience why Dr. Shelton is one of the best dentists in town.

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