Tips from a Dentist on Boosting Energy

Posted on: June 17, 2017

DentistAs a dentist, we discuss oral health and overall health with our patients. One complaint that we regularly hear is that our patients are battling fatigue. With the increase in demands of modern living, it is common for people to be busy and on-the-go constantly. This can create a constant level of fatigue that makes it difficult to engage in normal daily activities and even to have positive interactions with loved ones. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for combating this but there are also things that can be done on a daily basis.

Often, this comes down to improving one’s diet. There are certain foods that help to boost a person’s energy, including:

#1. Eggs

Eggs are full of vitamin B which means that eating an egg before going to work or school is likely to increase a person’s energy and focus. Eggs make it easier to narrow in on the activity at hand or to learn something new. With vitamin B improving focus and energy, eggs need to be part of a normal breakfast diet.

#2. Whole grains

Eggs are not the only food packed with vitamin B. Whole grains also contain this essential nutrient. Additionally, eating whole grain toast instead of white bread is likely to produce more sustained energy, rather than a quick burst that will taper off. Eating eggs with toast is, therefore, an excellent breakfast choice for anyone who is low on energy.

#3. Almonds and other nuts

As a dentist, I encourage patients to eat nuts because they can help to remineralize the teeth. Almonds are also full of protein and fiber. These are two things the body needs for sustained energy throughout the day. As the nutrients from these foods are slowly released, the body has constant energy, rather than a quick boost that will fade. This makes them an excellent snack in between meals so that a person can continue to be focused and energized throughout the day.

#4. Chinese cabbage, watercress and strawberries

While certainly different, all three of these foods are nutrient-dense. This means that eating them provides a high level of nutrition per serving. Each serving is full of essential vitamins and nutrients that will help the body to remain focused, have sustained energy and be healthy in general. It is easy to make a smoothie using these ingredients every morning. Drinking this smoothie instead of coffee will provide the body with a healthy dose of energy that is likely to last far longer.

#5. Salmon

Omega 3’s are essential for a healthy diet, especially for anyone who is at risk for heart problems. A little-known fact is that they also help with energy and to regulate mood and emotions. Eating salmon on a regular basis is a good idea and in many Asian countries, salmon is a breakfast dish. For those who do not like the taste of fish, taking a fish oil supplement in the morning is a good alternative.

#6. Drink more water

We also recommend drinking plenty of water. When patients visit our dentist office, we often ask how much water they are drinking because it is important for improving oral health. Additionally, staying hydrated is necessary for increasing energy so next time fatigue strikes, head to the water fountain.

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