If Your Tooth Hurts You May Need a Root Canal at Your Emergency Dentist Appointment

Posted on: December 2, 2014

Emergency DentistThere are many reasons why people need an emergency dentist appointment.  At the top of the list is getting into a car wreck, chipping a tooth while playing baseball, knocking one out while playing basketball, etc. These are obvious reasons to need emergency care because your tooth will appear physically damaged.  Less obvious, but still important is the occasional toothache.  Most people, that receive ongoing preventative dental care, will not experience a sudden toothache.  If, however, your teeth haven’t been cleaned in a while, there is a good chance that a cavity or infection can spread until it causes discomfort.

If you have dental pain or discomfort, call our office for an appointment. While a toothache may seem like a minor problem, it is a sign of a serious infection and should be treated quickly before the infection can spread.  We can call your pharmacy and get you on the appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection until you can be seen in the office.

Most cavities don’t cause sudden discomfort unless they have been growing for some time.  In order for the sharp, sudden toothache to occur, the nerves need to be touched somehow.  This can happen as a cavity grows or when the dental pulp becomes infected.  The dental pulp is the soft center of the tooth where the nerves are.  If an infection enters this portion of your tooth, the toothache can create the need for immediate dental care.  As a result, we regularly perform root canals at our emergency dentist office.

It is important to visit the dentist as soon as you have a toothache because if it is left alone, that same infection can spread.  At times, this can lead to a full dental abscess and an infection in the floor of your mouth or jawbone. While this only happens in extreme cases, there is no need to take the risk since a simple root canal can solve the problem.

Afterward, we will protect and strengthen the tooth by using a tooth-colored filling to restore any of the missing tooth structure.  This will look natural and make it possible for you to use your tooth while preventing bacteria from entering any open spaces.  If it seems like your tooth isn’t strong enough to stand up to daily use, we will place a dental crown around it.  A crown is a cap that prevents anything from touching the tooth directly, including food and bacteria.  Once it is in place, you can bite down with full force and not worry about feeling discomfort.

As an emergency dentist, this is only one way that we can help you to feel better after a toothache.  If you are in pain, call to schedule your appointment.

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