Visit a Veneers Dentist to Straighten the Appearance of Your Teeth

Posted on: June 3, 2015

Veneers DentistWhen you visit our veneers dentist office, we can make your teeth appear straighter using dental veneers. Dental veneers are the simplest solution for minimally crooked or misaligned teeth. They require little preparation, and no “treatment length” like you would have to go through if using braces. When our patients have healthy teeth that need minor imperfections corrected, we suggest veneers for many reasons, some of which are listed below.

Our dental veneers are wafer-thin layers or shells of porcelain material that translucently adhere to the fronts of your teeth providing coverage of flaws. Since they are so thin, they look incredibly natural.

Our veneers treatment requires two short appointments to our veneers dentist office for preparation and placement. When you decide to have your teeth straightened by other means, you will be locking yourself into long appointment hours, several follow-up visits, and a treatment length of months to years. With dental veneers, you will see immediate results once they are bonded in place.

Veneers are durable where braces can easily be broken. If you want to avoid having to visit the orthodontist office every time a wire comes loose or bracket moves, choose dental veneers for straightening. Our veneers cannot be displaced. Once they are bonded to your teeth, they remain there virtually permanently. Our veneers resist damage and are a sturdy structure against your teeth.

When you get braces, you could have consistent discomfort due to the metal appliance irritating surrounding teeth and oral tissues. Our dental veneers are created with your gums and oral tissues in mind so that they are very compatible with your mouth as a whole. They are not abrasive or sharp. They sit firmly against your front teeth and remain in place. You will become so accustomed to dental veneers that you will not even notice they are not your natural teeth.

Not only do our veneers make your teeth appear straighter, they can also whiten the appearance of your teeth and improve them in every way. They will be a comfortable and drastic improvement to what your teeth once looked and felt like.

Veneers can last for several years, even up to 20 years or more. If you care for your veneers like you would care for your teeth, in good hygiene and consistent dental visits, your veneers will provide you with attractive coverage for years to come. When your veneers need to be replaced, we can do so easily and quickly so that we do not take up too much of your time but provide you with an instant smile boost.

Don’t forget to consider dental veneers when you are deciding on what type of straightening method is best for your teeth. Remember that veneers can only be placed on fully developed, healthy teeth. If your teeth are in good health but need to be corrected cosmetically, visiting a veneers dentist is a great option.

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