Visit a General Dentist if You Are Sleep Deprived

Posted on: March 15, 2017

General DentistMost medical practitioners will tell you that it is critically important to get sleep during the night and if this is not happening, a trip to our general dentist office can help. While many people may feel like they can augment their sleep patterns with naps during the day, it is critically important to be able to get sleep during the nighttime hours which allows the body to create energy. One of the most important principles of healing is the ability of the body to heal itself after getting a restful night of sleep. The body does this using the energy generated by rest or sleep

A vital process

Without the proper amount of energy, the body is going to be unable to perform essential functions like digesting food and continuing the healing process. This lack of energy can also result in issues with normal body functions in the event of a disease, condition or injury.

Virtually every process in the body relies on the consumption of energy, and the only way that the body can generate energy is through a fitful night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to health, which is why it is so important to find and fix the root causes of sleep apnea. Fortunately, we can provide efficient and necessary treatment in our general dentist office.

A common problem 

Most people experience some form of insomnia at some point in their life. There are many reasons why a person can experience insomnia, including sleeping next to a snoring partner, discomfort with the bed and bedding arrangements, sleep apnea, stress and medication use.

Another common reason why people often find themselves deprived of a sufficient amount of sleep is due to their consumption habits, or what they eat, immediately before bed or during dinner time. It has been found that 25 percent of children that have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD also have a sleep disorder. Ironically, fixing the sleep disorder has often resulted in the ADD or ADHD being resolved as well.

Effects of sleep deprivation 

As a general dentist, it is easy to understand the effect that sleep deprivation can have on a person. The ability to heal has already been addressed but there are also other things that can be caused by a lack of sleep. For example, few people realize that just one night of sleep deprivation can actually put the body into a diabetic state. Similarly, people who are unable to sleep through the night, or suffer from insomnia, find that their reaction time is worse than somebody who has consumed alcohol to match the state’s limit of 0.05 percent blood-alcohol level. In other words, driving when suffering from sleep deprivation is the same as driving drunk.

For working professionals, the effects are even more profound because reducing sleep by as little as one and a half hours will reduce the person’s performance by up to 32 percent. This means that if a person has a condition like sleep apnea that is causing them to not get enough sleep, chances are they are driving unsafely and are not working as effectively as they could be. We can easily address all of these problems by identifying and treating the root cause of insomnia, restless sleep patterns or inability of a person to fall asleep.

Improve your sleep

If you are not sleeping well, schedule an appointment with our clinic to be examined and treated for sleep apnea.

*Sources for the Blog were From the Company, Body Ecology

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